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Where old and obsolete are hot!
Coast to Coast Coins is one of America’s largest and most respected rare coin companies. Our company maintains one of the largest rare coin and obsolete paper money inventories in the world. We offer a diverse selection of U.S., world, and ancient coins as well as U.S. and Confederate paper money — all at very competitive prices. Enjoy your search!

Tips on Collecting Coins and Currency

The universe of coins and currency is one of the greatest portals to history available to the intelligent collector. Money has always been one of the most important things in society: it represented a store of value, provided news and propaganda and was an integral part of everyday commerce. The ability to own and collect old coins and paper money allows the collector to truly hold history in his hands, to transport himself to another time and place, and to cherish his own museum quality items.
Collectors have a wide range of areas from which to add to their collections. Ancient coins represent the utmost in historical value, and can include the silver coinage of ancient Athens, the numismatic world of Alexander the Great, and portrait coinage featuring the famous and infamous of the Roman Empire. Collectors who are fascinated with history can widen their horizons by adding examples from the Byzantine Empire and medieval Europe, the fascinating monarchs of Renaissance England, and the myriad German and central European states which have long ceased to exist.
Numismatic issues of our own United States of America have been among the most durable and popular items to collect. The growth of the nation can be traced from its coin and currency issues: colonial and Revolutionary War coins and paper money; exotic and beautiful pre-Civil War issues; and the fascinating numismatic legacy of the Civil War itself, represented by both Union and Confederate issues.
The United States circulated some of the most beautiful gold and silver coins and currency. Collectors continue to be amazed by the beauty of our early large size currency and the precious metal splendor of silver dollars and gold eagles.
At Coast to Coast Coins, we strive to provide collectors with an amazing selection of interesting pieces of history, items that will continue to intrigue future generations and will prove to be an excellent store of wealth.