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Where old and obsolete are hot!
Coast to Coast Coins is one of America’s largest and most respected rare coin companies. Our company maintains one of the largest rare coin and obsolete paper money inventories in the world. We offer a diverse selection of U.S., world, and ancient coins as well as U.S. and Confederate paper money — all at very competitive prices. Enjoy your search!

Market Update

Numismatics, the collecting and study of coins and currency, has become one of the most popular and dynamic hobbies in the United States. Recent years have seen a virtual boom in the number of collectors and the depth of their interest.
Several factors have contributed to this. The U.S. Mint, after years of artistic dormancy, has taken the initiative by adding innovative and interesting design changes to our circulating coinage. The State Quarter series, followed by the Lewis & Clark nickels and U.S. Presidential Dollars, have intrigued the population and provided the impetus to examine old coinage. In addition, the introduction of completely redesigned paper currency and the phasing out of the old designs has made collecting paper money one of the fastest growing areas of numismatics.
This has been augmented by the recent meteoric rise in the prices of precious metals, which has led many others to see numismatics as a solid store of value. With the economy in flux, and traditional investment avenues in a volatile state, many have looked to collectibles, and coins and currency in particular, as an intelligent way to put away items for the future. The mathematics is simple: large numbers of new collectors with disposable income chasing a finite amount of numismatic collectibles should equal impressive future returns.