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Where old and obsolete are hot!
Coast to Coast Coins is one of America’s largest and most respected rare coin companies. Our company maintains one of the largest rare coin and obsolete paper money inventories in the world. We offer a diverse selection of U.S., world, and ancient coins as well as U.S. and Confederate paper money — all at very competitive prices. Enjoy your search!

How Grading Works

Our classic U.S. rare coins are third party graded, mostly by PCGS and NGC. We occasionally use adjectives to describe many of our bullion-related coins, modern coins, foreign coins, and some of our paper money.
We describe our uncirculated coins with adjectives, as follows:
Select BU (Select Brilliant Uncirculated)
These are nice Uncirculated coins. We reject coins with unsightly bag marks, below average strikes or unsightly defects. You can expect a very attractive coin.
Choice BU (Choice Brilliant Uncirculated)
These are premium quality Uncirculated coins with above average strikes and luster with cleaner than average surfaces.
Gem BU (Gem Brilliant Uncirculated)
These are our finest Uncirculated coins. They offer superior strike and luster as well as a lack of major abrasions.
Grading: Paper Money
Our grading for all grades of paper money is the industry standard:
VG (Very Good) Will be fairly well soiled; may be significantly worn; might have roughness around the edges with only minute problems.
F (Fine) Well circulated with little crispness remaining; edges may be rough.
VF (Very Fine) Some circulation; may show several folds and will have lost some of its crispness and color.
XF (Extra Fine) Circulated; may have some folds; still has some crispness.
AU (Almost Uncirculated) (Almost new) These will be much the same as a "new" note, except for a single fold or several corner folds.
CU (Crisp Uncirculated) No trace of circulation. Can have centering problems, pin holes, counting smudges, wrinkles, close margins, or a corner tip fold (not into design).
Choice CU (Choice Crisp Uncirculated) A nice new note but not quite Gem. Centering may be a little off. May show some aging, light counting smudges, or wrinkles.
Gem CU (Gem Crisp Uncirculated) An almost perfect note. Better than average margins. No aging or fading.
Grading: Artifacts
Artifacts, like everything also we offer, are realistically described to the best of our ability. There is no published industry standard for grading Artifacts. We try to be conservative, and as descriptive as possible. Here, as in all areas, we try to provide the collector with superior quality items at the fairest possible prices. Give us a try. We guarantee you will be delighted, or your money back!