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Customer Testimonials

At Coast to Coast Coins we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Here is a sample of what our customers are saying about us:

Hey Ken, The coin arrived safe and sound yesterday. It's a great coin; I'm quite pleased with it.
I just received the 1799 Large Cent I had ordered from you. It is just as advertised and pictured. Thanks for selling high quality coins and for great customer service.
I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with the 1881-S and the 1887-S Morgans I purchased from you on the 21st. The quality is amazing, the shipment was fast, and the whole experiences was great. Thank you again for a great selection!
I received the 1797 Large Cent VF-30 yesterday. What a beauty! Thanks for selling quality coins.
I bought, and am still buying, coins from your company and wanted to compliment you on the advertised condition of all the coins I received. All match the pictures on your internet site. They are pleasing to look at. They also arrive on time. Thank you.
Wanted you to know that I received the Proof Double Eagle today (after the post office gave it a ride around the country), and want to thank you. Excellent look for the grade, just as you described it. Very pleased with it. You have a great eye as I like to think I do as well, but seems your stock is always a bit nicer than the next guy. Thanks again. I’ll keep my eye out for the next item I "can’t live without" :))
Thanks for the marvelous Isabella quarter and the fast service. Coin looks better than the image.
Sandy/Ken - just received the 1855 Proof 1/2 cent. Me thinks PCGS was tough with the assigned Pr 63 grade. With the unaided eye I don't see a single mark on the coin, anywhere. This coin should fit nicely into the 1855 Proof set I've started with 64-65 being the target grade for all denominations. Thanks. I'm a happy collector this morning!
Hi Folks. Coin arrived safely & securely today. Superb Coin!!!! Very Pleased!!! Another great coin from you folks! I'll be back for more! I always scour your daily updates, and visit your website regularly. Thank you again for great coins, fair prices, and fast shipping.
I appreciate a business that is honest, ethical and appreciative of their customers. Thanks to Mr. Pines and his employees.
Hi Folks. This coin arrived safely today. Beautiful coin. Much nicer than the photos could have shown. Very pleased, and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. I have your web site bookmarked, and always looking. Thank you again, for outstanding customer service.
M.J., Fleetwood, PA
I received the 1833 Half Cent today. It is beautiful and will be an ideal type coin for my collection for a long time. Thanks for offering the high-quality copper!
I received the 1893-CC Morgan Dollar (item # 214815) today and I really like it! Thank You very much.
Just received my 6th coin from you. Great coins, great value, and great service! Your coins equal your photos, and may actually be better. Super pleased!
This one cent collector is very pleased with the two rarest (lowest mintage) Indian Heads purchased from you. They make a great addition to my coin collection. I look forward to your next catalog.
I ordered two coins (two Morgan mint state dollars) from you yesterday...they arrived in the mail today! I am impressed by your speed and the quality of the coins. You’ll hear from me again! Thank you!
Thank you for the good service. Always enjoy buying a coin from time to time. My best quality coins always seem to come from Coast to Coast.
I’m writing to express my appreciation for my latest purchase — a 1926 Oregon Trail commemorative in a PCGS-66 holder. In assembling a registry set of Oregon Trail commemoratives, I’m looking for bright white coins. The luster on the 1926 knocked my socks off. It appears to me as though the coin was minted sometime … yesterday. This specimen is by far the most attractive of the seven coins I’ve collected so far, including some specimens with higher grades for which I paid significantly more. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with the addition. The coin offers EXACTLY what I’m looking for in putting together an eye-appealing set. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities over the years to purchase a variety of coins and currency from Coast to Coast. I’ve always been pleased with the combination of selection, quality, price and fast customer service. When people do good work, I think they should be commended. Please keep up your good work.
So that's the best 65 of a BTW I'll ever see! I figured the price meant you thought so as well. If you use the word "Blazer" when you get these, I'll know - it's better than "blast white" in the pecking order. Thanks!
Thank you for the good service. I always enjoy buying a coin from time to time. My best quality coins always seem to come from Coast to Coast.
I WANT TO PROFUSELY THANK YOU. This 2 cent piece is exquisite. You were very helpful, and I wanted to thank you very much. I am extremely happy with this coin. It is magnificent--exactly as described.
K. & A.
Thank you. I have ordered many times from you & have always recommend your company to my family & friends. I know of 10 that will only order thru you because the trust your product, price & delivery. Thank you again. I look forward to ordering from you again.
I recently purchased two Morgans from your website. I was so happy when they arrived in the mail. They had nice luster, clean cheeks and sharp strikes. Thank you.
My St. Gaudens is exactly as you described and I'm super stoked about my purchase. I love a company that sends you what you order. Thanks so much!
Thanks for the choice coin. Another good value and very hard to find in high grades.
I received my order today. It was exactly what I ordered, in great shape and arrived in a timely manner. I look forward to doing business with you again.
D.I. - Bartlett, IL
More than pleased with the coin you sent. Very nice for the grade and scarce. Thanks for another good value from your company.
Just a short note to say I have thoroughly enjoyed EVERY item I have ordered. Thank you.
Wow! SUPER service with virtually immediate delivery! You guys (and ladies) are the best! My most sincere appreciation.
J.H.K. - Indianapolis, IN
I just wanted to let you know I just received my 1899 $5 silver certificate that I ordered from you and I'm really pleased with it! Thanks for the quick service...
I received my order today. Another excellent coin from your excellent company and staff. I am watching your inventory most every day.
D.B. - Lexington, KY
Thank you for a wonderful self helping website. I have enjoyed your coin specials. I have purchased two of your specials and have been very pleased with the price and quality of the coins I have received. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
I want to thank you for the quick shipment of my order. That is why I love doing business with you.
Rec'd your '58 LL Eagle today safe and sound. Thanks for your help in describing the coin and convincing me to buy it. It's beautiful, better than the picture and as nice as my '57 MS65.
I just received my coins. Great service as usually and great coins. Thank you very much.
Just want to thank you for your service, quality, selection and the fastest shipping I've ever seen. I've been a customer for about 5 years and just wanted to say I know you guys are the best. Thanks for everything.
I just recently began buying coins from Coast to Coast and just wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of the product I have received and the quality of the service as well. I have done business with other large coin dealers in the past, and I cannot believe how poor the quality of their coins are when compared to the high quality of the coins I have received from Coast to Coast.
Thanks for sending order #1100641 so fast! Coast to Coast is the most reliable coin dealer I've dealt with. Please rush your latest catalog. Thanks!
C.M. - Flushing, NY
I recently ordered an uncut sheet of 'Farmers Bank' Obsolete Currency (customer #174556 / Order # 1131042). I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the very fast shipping of this item! It looks great. And it arrived much sooner than I expected! You guys are great.
K.H. - Vancouver, WA
Thank you for your service and selection. I've purchased several 'Morgans' in the past, and was very pleased. Recently I purchased a Confederate note, and again was very pleased. Definitely will purchase more coins and currency in the future!
A.S. - Hagerstown, MD
We just wanted to say thank you for your hard work to find the coins we want.
I just wanted to let you know that your company is great! You have consistently sent me the coins I ordered and even in better condition than I had hoped for. Your prices are very competitive and your selection of coins is unmatched in the industry.
I just wanted to give you some feedback on this order I received. The 1879-O was about as beautiful a coin as I have ever ordered over the Internet. The 1921 PDS set was everything I expected and more from your descriptions. They were as stated "Brilliant Uncirculated" shiny 'like new' coins.
I have to commend you on the quality of coin and your description of that coin. They are 'right on' the mark of what you are getting. And as you can see, because of that very reason, I am placing another order from you for more Morgans in the Gem Brilliant Uncirculated category.
I am an extremely satisfied customer and look forward to receiving my next order.
This is a just a quick note to tell you that we received the two French gold coins in excellent shape.
Thanks for getting them to us quickly and safely! We'll be watching for more wonderful coins on your website.
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the great service. I ordered online on Sunday and received my order on Thursday. Everything arrived as promised. Many thanks. I will use you again.
I just want to express my thanks for the quality of the coins on my last 2 orders. I am speaking of the Ben Franklin 50 Half Dollar Uncirculated, the 1879-S Morgan and the Peace $1. The coins in every case are superior and not over graded.
I received order today and was very happy with the coins. You people continue to do a GREAT JOB. Thank You again.
I am not often moved to write about the service provided by business people with whom I come in contact. However, when the first contact with a company is outstanding is deserves to be recognized. Not just because it is the kind of service that is rarely encountered today, but especially when you remember that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.
You have set a standard of excellence… After all, that kind of service is what keeps customers coming back to purchase again and again. You have outstanding customer service.