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Four Dollar Gold Coins

Four Dollar Gold Coins were minted in 1879 and 1880. They show a five pointed star on the reverse and thus are known as 'Stellas'.  They are technically pattern coins that were propesed by Congress for international trade to compete with Europen gold coins such as British Sovereigns, Italian 20 Lire, and Frenck 20 Francs.

There are two distinct obverse types:  The Flowing Hair type designed by Charles E. Barber and the Coiled Hair type designed by George T. Morgan.  They share the same reverse.

All Stellas are scarce.  The 1879 Flowing Hair had a mintage of approximately 425.  12 1879 Coiled Hair are known, 17 1880 Flowing Hair are known, and 18 1880 Coiled HAir are known to exist.

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